wrinkle treatments

Botox Wrinkle Smoothing Treatments

Wrinkles and lines on the upper part of the face are typically caused by muscle movement when we frown, raise our eyebrows, smile and laugh. A great solution to help improve these lines is the use of products such as Botulinum Toxin or Botox, as it is commonly known.  Other treatments include Skin Boosting Therapy and PDO Threads.

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Wrinkle-smoothing treatments can even prevent less prominent wrinkles from deepening and help maintain a youthful look for both men and women.

You may want a frozen look, or something more natural, which we discuss as part of an initial Free Consultation.

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Botox Treatments for Forehead Lines

When frown lines become a permanent fixture, it can make us look permanently worried or stressed.  Not a good look!

Small amounts of the anti-wrinkle product are injected in strategic points of the frontalis muscle on the forehead to lift and smooth these lines.

Botox For Crow’s Feet or Smile Lines

To smooth out Crow’s Feet or Eye Smile Lines, Botox is injected into the Orbicularis Oculi muscle, the circular muscles around the eyes.

Wrinkle smoothing treatments relax the muscle in that area, so that when you smile, the Smile Lines are reduced.

Botox To Reduce Frown Lines

This is the glabella region, where we have 3 very strong muscles, the procerus and the corrugators.  Injections are strategically placed in these muscles to create a lift and smooth out the wrinkles.

As a result, you get a fresher, more youthful … yet still natural look.

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Frequently asked questions

The main ingredient of anti-wrinkle injections for the upper half of the face is usually Botulinum Toxin or Botox. In large doses Botulinum toxin is poisonous. The very small amounts of the toxin used in the injections from FDA approved, tried and tested products is not harmful. 

Most clients want treatment for one or more of these facial areas: Frown lines between the eyebrows, Horizontal forehead lines or Crow’s feet or smile lines around the eyes. Other areas can be treated, such as an eyebrow lift, wrinkles around the lips, neck cords (turkey neck) or wrinkling of the nose (bunny nose) and the jaw muscles to help prevent jaw clenching.

The Botulinum toxin has the effect of restricting the movement, as well as relaxing, the muscles, which are causing the folds or wrinkles in the skin. The relaxed muscles smooth out the wrinkled skin and help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

It typically takes 14 days after the anti-wrinkle injection treatment to see the results.

Botox, the usual product used for Anti-Wrinkles Injections, is used in tiny doses, which, research has shown, is safe. I only work with quality, tried and tested products. Before treatment, all clients see an on-site doctor/nurse prescriber for toxin prescriptions.

Because we use a very fine needle, most clients report no pain, but may a slight twinge at the point of injection. Some redness and bruising may occur, which resolve within a few days.

Looking fake is usually a sign of too regular or excessive treatment. Most clients want a natural look, which is achieved by injecting a smaller quantity of the product. The frozen look incurs slightly higher fees.