What Are Fat Deposits?

Many people suffer from stubborn areas of fat, which are resistant to diet and regular exercise.

When pockets of fat form on your neck, abdomen, hips, thighs or bottom, it’s common to want to get rid of them through spot reduction.

The combination of exercise and a reduced-calorie diet can help you achieve an overall weight loss, but it’s not possible to target weight loss toward specific fat deposits.  Not everyone can spend hours in the gym working on problem areas.

Treatments For Fat Deposits

Fat Dissolving with Aqualyx

Aqualyx® Therapy  is fat dissolving injections resulting in a safe, permanent and effective reduction of fat without surgery.

The treatment is a minimally invasive option for men and women, who want to reduce stubborn pockets of localised subcutaneous fat without surgery and with less recovery time.   It’s a gentle virtually pain-free, low risk treatment and doesn’t take long.  There’s no general anaesthetic with minimal discomfort and bruising, which makes it a very popular treatment for removing pockets of unwanted fat.

Aqualyx®  is a gel-based aqueous solution that works by melting or liquefying the fat cells, which are then naturally removed by your body’s lymphatic system.  The slimming effect takes place gradually.

Aqualyx®  is ideal for people who have a healthy diet and exercise plan, but cannot reduce small but resistant areas such as double chin, saddle bags, tummy, inner thighs, upper arms or knees. A healthy diet cannot target weight loss to certain parts of the body and

What areas can be treated?

Aqualyx® is not a weight loss solution. It can be used to treat pockets of fat that are difficult to remove through diet and exercise alone, such as:

  • Double Chin
  • Jowls
  • Abdomen
  • Hips & thighs
  • Waist
  • Love handles
  • Knees

Not sure if this treatment can help you?

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Other treatments for fat deposits

Fat Dissolving with Aqualyx is not for everyone as everyone is different.

Other treatments available at Aesthetics Julie Edwards are:

  • Fat Freezing
  • Agnes RF
  • Ultrasound Cavitation

For more advice on which treatment is right for you, its best to book an initial consultation.

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