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Lip Fillers For the Perfect Pout!

Today, both young and mature women and men are seeing the benefits of using Lip Filler Injections to look more attractive and feel more confident.

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What is Lip Filler?

Filler is a safe gel made of Hyaluronic Acid, a synthetic version of what our bodies produce naturally. It is injected into the lips to create fuller, more defined lips.  You could enjoy a subtle improvement or the on-trend full pout. As no two person’s lips are the same, there can’t be a one-size fits all approach.  A skilled practitioner will know how to improve your lips according to your own anatomy to give you the best look for you.

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Expert advise on what can realistically be achieved.

At Aesthetics Julie Edwards, we do a full medical history, use only tried and tested, temporary fillers and advise on what can realistically be achieved.

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Frequently asked questions

Women’s lips tend to thin as we age. This can lead to a “pinched mouth” look as well as add the years. Subtle lip enhancements are achieved by adding small amounts of filler to the lips to give you a fuller, but still natural. It takes years off you without looking fake!

Hyaluronic Acid, the main ingredient of temporary fillers, is a synthetic version of the hyaluronic acid produced in our bodies, so is non-toxic. It is non-animal based and can be easily dissolved if required. I only use good quality, temporary fillers which are tried and tested with plenty of data to support their safety record.

With a poor product, the wrong technique and no numbing techniques … Yes, it can hurt! But, with a numbing agent on your lips before treatment and fillers containing lidocaine, most clients feel little to no pain. A small number of people are more sensitive to pain, and could find the process a little uncomfortable. For those who are particularly sensitive, I use an injection-free method, which is totally painless.

For those who are particularly sensitive, I use an injection free method. It’s totally painless and gives a very natural, but plumper look to your lips. However. personally I feel lips filled with injections give you a much more attractive looking lip. With a generous supply of lidocaine to numb the area, I find most clients much prefer the injection method.

The typical side-effects of Filler injections is swelling, redness and possible some bruising. This quickly fades within a few days. Ice packs and Arnica can be used to help with swelling if needed.

Typically 5-9 months depending upon your own body’s metabolism and the filler used. It will then need to be renewed to maintain the look.