Nail Care – Do’s & Don’ts

Often it’s the hands that give away our true age, as they age the quickest.  This is mainly due to our busy lives, which can lead us to neglect our hands.

Here are some quick tips to keep your hands looking healthy and attractive:


  • Use nail polish remover and other nail chemicals excessively, as it can make them brittle.   When you use a remover, use one that is acetone free.
  • File your nails gently and in one direction from the outer corner of your nail to the centre.  Excessive nail filing can cause your nails to split
  • Bite your nails or pick the cuticles … it can make way for bacteria and fungi to enter and infect the nails
  • Tear or pull any hangnails.  It’s painful and may cause infection.  Ask a nail technician to help.
  • Use your fingernails to poke into things or open anything.


  • Keep your nails trimmed and have monthly manicures and pedicures where possible
  • Use a quality moisturizer to massage your hands and fingers daily.  Massage nail oil into your nails and cuticles to keep them healthy and strong
  • Use household gloves when washing up and doing the housework.  This minimises your contact with harsh chemicals and water and will prevent split fingernails
  • When you wash your hands, clean the fingernails with a brush and dry thoroughly.  This prevents any bacterial growth under your nails
  • If your nails are soft, apply a nail strengthener and hardener to help prevent breakage

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Looking after your hands is a perfect way to keep people guessing about your age.  So Get In Touch now to make your appointment.

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