If you’ve got a special event coming up within the next few days, this is the perfect treatment to give your skin an instant glow.

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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a skin exfoliation treatment for the face that involves the regulated movement of an aesthetic-grade sterile blade across the skin. This results in the removal of the very top layer of skin and any “peach fuzz” – the short, fine, lightly pigmented hair on the face. It leaves you with baby-smooth, hair-free, glowing skin that lasts up to four weeks.

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Dermaplaning is an excellent form of manual exfoliation – deeper than you can achieve yourself at home – with the following results:

  • removes dead skin cells from the epidermis
  • absorption of skin products increased by up to 78%
  • removes the fine vellus hair or “peach fuzz” from the face
  • primes the skin for Chemical Peels
  • your skin feels baby-smooth with a flawless glow

Dermaplaning is also an effective exfoliation method for clients with sensitive skin or allergies that prevent the use of microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

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Frequently asked questions

For some, the thought of a blade sliding across your face can be a bit scary. But it’s actually not at all painful.. You can feel it, but my clients usually tell me they find it very relaxing.

You may experience some slight redness .. and that’s it. You can typically carry on with your normal routine immediately after the treatment.

It’ a good idea to avoid foundation immediately after the treatment – ideally for 24 hours to avoid any irritation of your skin. As dermaplaning removes all the little hairs on your face, your makeup actually glides on super smoothly the next day.

This is a Common Myth! Dermaplaning won’t make your hair grow back thicker … or darker. It simply grows back at the same speed as usual and with the same texture. We are removing fine, Vellus hairs – very different from the thicker hair that grows on the head.

Straight away your skin will feel smooth with a healthy glow!

Your beautiful typically lasts 1-2 months depending on your age, lifestyle, skin condition and the degree of perfection you want. It’s recommended to have this treatment monthly or bi-monthly.