Advantages of HIFU Ice aesthetic treatment


HIFU is a precise medical procedure that applies High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy to the skin, reaching deep into the layers without being invasive. The only other way to reach the depths that a HIFU treatment can penetrate is through surgery. HIFU Ice is a specific type of HIFU treatment that uses an ice cooled hand piece to ensure that the treatment is completely pain free, despite the skin cell damage. But how does this work? And what are the benefits?

How does HIFU work?

A HIFU treatment involves using a specific HIFU device to penetrate the layers of the skin. Here, heat will be applied selectively and safely to particular and specific cells, causing controlled damage to the skin cells. As a consequence of this damage, the body will begin the natural healing process, and the tissue regeneration that occurs will then lead to a natural restructuring of the tissue and tissue structures. This can bring a number of benefits to your skin.

What are the advantages of HIFU Ice aesthetic treatment?

A HIFU Ice aesthetic treatment can bring a range of benefits and advantages to any client, including:

  • Skin lifting and skin tightening
  • Body sculpting

Skin lifting and skin tightening with HIFU Ice

A HIFU Ice treatment can result in effective skin lifting and tightening that is seen both immediately and in the long term too. The treatment uses heat to damage skin cells in deep skin layers, which will encourage the body to begin the healing process. As part of this, there will be an increase in collagen production. Immediately after the treatment the tightness will be felt and seen immediately, due to the collagen fibres shrinking and contracting. However, in the longer term, more collagen and elastin fibres are produced, and the skin layers are remodelled, which is when the results will be most visible. This can be very effective for lifting any sagging skin around the jaw, neck and eyes, as well as improving the appearance of wrinkles.

Body sculpting with HIFU Ice

One of the other main benefits to a HIFU Ice treatment is that this can provide an effective alternative to fat reduction surgery or liposuction for non-obese patients. This is because the heat energy can target fat cells, and subcutaneous fat, as well as cellulite, to cause damage. Once these cells are damaged they will be removed by the body naturally, and this can remove stubborn areas of fat across the body, including the face and neck, the abdomen, the upper arms, the back, thighs and buttocks. This treatment can even be combined with professional fat freezing procedures to maximise your results.

HIFU Ice is a safe and effective treatment

The HIFU Ice offers contact cooling for the skin, throughout the procedure, which means that your treatment should be pain free and that the heat energy can be delivered effectively. The procedure is safe, and offers very effective results, when carried out by a professional and qualified aesthetic practitioner. For more information or advice about HIFU Ice treatments, get in touch with the team today, here at Aesthetics Julie Edwards.