Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Once we reach puberty and our hormones begin to kick in, our skin type can change with the fluctuating hormones at different times in our lives.

So as we age our SKIN TYPE WILL CHANGE.

For women this happens at puberty, before and during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Our skin appearance can change from flawless to spotty in no time at all!

In general there are FOUR basic skin types, which are categorised by sebaceous gland activity.   In addition, to the skin type, there is also the SKIN CONDITION.

What’s your skin type and condition?

Normal Skin

  • Usually observed in young skin
  • Looks smooth and even textured
  • Has an even balance of oil and water
  • Often soft and supple
  • High degree of elasticity
  • The colour is even
  • Pores are small
  • Doesn’t react to external stimuli

Dry Skin

  • Under activity of sebum production
  • Often lacking in moisture and oil
  • Dull complexion
  • Small pore size
  • Feels tight after washing
  • Visible flakiness
  • Prone to broken capillaries and sensitivity

 Oily Skin

  • Over activity of sebum production
  • Prone to open pores, blackheads, spots and blemishes
  • Skin appears Shiny
  • Thick, course texture
  • Prevalent in teenagers

 Combination Skin

  • The most common skin type
  • More than one skin type
  • Oily centre panel
  • Normal or dry in cheek area
  • Large pores in some areas
  • Different skin textures
  • Dry, sensitive or normal elsewhere

 As well as your Skin Type, there is also your Skin Condition, which is influenced by  external environmental factors, as well as health, lifestyle and age.

Sensitive Skin Condition

  • Areas of high colouring
  • Flushes easily
  • Tends to feel warm to the touch
  • Prone to broken capillaries
  • Pale in colour
  • Sensitive to skin products
  • Skin is easily irritated

Mature Skin Condition

  • Natural part of the aging process
  • Reduction in sebum production
  • Skin dryer and more lined
  • Contours become slacker
  • Skin texture becomes crepe-like

Congested Skin Condition

  • Texture is uneven
  • Excess surface dead cells
  • Raised lumps
  • Presence of blackheads and spots

Dehydrated Skin Condition

  • Tissue is lacking in water moisture
  • Skin becomes dull
  • Fine lines are visible
  • Skin feels tight
  • Easily irritated leading to itchiness

In essence, at any time in your life you will have a Skin Type and a Skin Condition … which can make is unclear as to how to treat your own skin.

Skin Analysis

A great solution is to see a professional Aesthetician, for a Skin Analysis to assess your skin and give you the best solutions to help your skin look its best … whatever the stage of your life.

I offer a completely Free Skin Consultation where we can have a chat about the best way forward for you.

Here at Aesthetics Julie Edwards, we offer the latest Aesthetics and Advanced Beauty Treatments to help you look the best you can, whatever your age.  Get in touch to make an appointment.