Is RF Microneedling Worth It?

Is RF Microneedling Worth It? 

In the world of skincare treatments, RF microneedling has been making waves for its promise of rejuvenated skin and youthful radiance. But is it really worth the buzz?

Let’s dive into the details and explore whether this treatment lives up to the hype.

It’s Two Treatments in One

RF microneedling, combines two powerful technologies – microneedling and radiofrequency energy – to deliver transformative results.

During the treatment, tiny needles create micro-injuries in the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen production, while radiofrequency energy heats the deeper layers to further boost collagen and tighten the skin.

Long Lasting Results with RF Microneedling

One of the biggest draws of RF microneedling is its versatility. It’s effective for addressing various concerns, including:

  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • acne scars
  • and skin laxity.

The results are generally more significant and longer-lasting compared to traditional microneedling alone.

No Downtime

The benefits don’t stop there. RF microneedling is suitable for all skin types and tones, and it requires minimal downtime. You can expect some redness and mild swelling, which usually subside within a few days. Plus, the treatment can be customized to target specific areas of concern, making it a personalized solution.

Treats Several Skin Complaints

However, it’s essential to note that while RF microneedling offers impressive results, it might not be suitable for everyone. People with certain skin conditions or medical histories may need to consult a dermatologist before undergoing the procedure.

The decision to invest in the treatment ultimately depends on your skincare goals and budget. If you’re looking for noticeable improvements in skin texture, firmness, and overall appearance, RF microneedling is worth considering.

To make an informed choice, consult with a licensed and experienced skincare professional. They can assess your skin’s needs and guide you on whether RF microneedling aligns with your objectives.

In conclusion, the treatment can indeed be a worthwhile investment for achieving radiant and youthful skin. Its ability to address multiple concerns, minimal downtime, and personalized approach make it an appealing option for those seeking effective and lasting results.

Here at Aesthetics Julie Edwards, we are the leading aesthetic practitioners in Lytham and we offer a wide range of top quality aesthetic treatment options.

Why not get in touch today for your initial consultation to discuss how RF Microneedling could be the answer you’re seeking for a more youthful appearance.

anne scanesanne scanes
20:05 26 Mar 24
What a lovely knowledgeable lady.I was very impressed with her kindness and her interest in what I had come to talk to her about. Lovely atmosphere at the salon and I look forward to my treatment starting
Clare SollittClare Sollitt
18:50 23 Mar 24
Fantastic! Really great service!
Pamela BeethamPamela Beetham
16:54 21 Mar 24
Excellent service from Dorota at AstheticsIn Lytham very professional & always makes you feel welcome & looked afterWould highly recommended
Zoe RyanZoe Ryan
16:14 20 Mar 24
Julie was very welcoming and both her and her colleague were lovely. Julie went through all my options with me, and didn't rush me at all. I felt very comfortable and during the procedure she asked me if I was doing OK. I can highly recommend!!
Sharon PrendevilleSharon Prendeville
06:52 20 Mar 24
I had PDO Threads done on my face today by Julie, im so extremely happy with the results. Julie was amazing, I didn't feel a thing. I was informed about every area of the procedure,from start to finish, and all aftercare was covered in great detail. Julie was extremely professional and put me at ease immediately, I wouldn't hesitate in having another procedure with Julie or recommending her to anyone.Thankyou Julie 😊
AzTeC ClanAzTeC Clan
10:11 08 Mar 24
I had a lovely experience at my first appointment with Julie yesterday. Highly professional and explained everything fully to me before proceeding with the treatment. I'm now looking forward to my second appointment. Highly recommended.
Paul SheffieldPaul Sheffield
15:35 16 Dec 23
It was myself not Paul who had the treatment with Julie. Having never had any previous treatments I was excited but also a little nervous, however, Julie made me feel at ease.. She took a medical history and explained the benefits and risks allowing me to make a fully informed descision. I am delighted with the results which look very natural and have been a great boost to my confidence. I would certainly have further treatments in the future.
Carol LeachCarol Leach
22:45 02 Nov 23
Julie has a warm, friendly and extremely professional approach. She made me feel very much at ease during my consultation, explaining the different procedures available very clearly. I appreciated her honest opinions and suggestions, which related very specifically to my needs.
Gill ShawGill Shaw
20:23 31 Oct 23
Fabulous facial and Wonderful service - as usual And wouldn’t be without my B 12 injections now xxx
Christine CashChristine Cash
20:11 31 Oct 23
Thankyou Julie you always do a great job and i feel so much better when iv been to see you
Andrea McManusAndrea McManus
16:42 31 Oct 23
I’ve been a customer of Julie’s for years now and she’s wonderful! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Hugely skilled, professional and caring, she listens to your concerns and advises you of the best treatments. She always boosts my confidence when I’ve visited her and I’m always very happy with the results. Thank you Julie.
Tracey LeechTracey Leech
09:40 23 Oct 23
Lovely relaxed clinic with such a warm welcome. All stages and expect results explained clearly. The first stage has yielded great results changes already although not expected. So happy I found this place x
Andrew RobertsAndrew Roberts
11:35 03 Oct 23
Cannot recommend Julie highly enough and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. My procedure was fully explained with no rush and I was given very realistic expectations. I was nervous at first when I went for my consultation but was made to feel very welcome and not put under any pressure at all regarding going ahead with treatments. Julie is a friendly and professional person who makes you feel at ease during treatments with her knowledge and approachable warm nature – I’m so glad I didn’t go anywhere else! Thank you 😊
bernie Macknightbernie Macknight
19:35 07 Sep 23
Would thoroughly recommend Julie Edwards for any treatments. I had several skin tags removed. Julie explained the procedure thoroughly from initial consultation, treatment and the after care. She followed up by email with details on the after care and a follow upappointment. Nothing was too much trouble. Julie was recommended to me by a friend and I am so pleased I chose to have my treatment with her.
christine fowlerchristine fowler
10:54 31 Aug 23
I went to Aesthetics Julie Edwards recently to discuss treatment options for my particular facial concerns. My initial consultation took around 30 mins during which time she advised me of the best treatment for me, the pros and cons, realistic expectations, exactly how the procedure is carried out and after care required to obtain the best results. Also medical history was taken. All I all I felt in safe hands and was very impressed with both her knowledge on the subject and standard of hygiene in the salon.I went ahead with the procedure a week later. Again everything was explained to me and she ensured I felt totally at ease. Before and after photos were taken and I am very happy with the results. I was provided with after care instructions which I feel is very important in order to get the optimal results.I am very glad I went to Aesthetics Julie Edwards. l have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wishing to undertake a facial procedure.