What is The Best Age for HIFU?

There is no best age for HIFU. A HIFU face lift treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to lift and tighten their face and neck as well as delay the signs of ageing.

People in their 20’s

People in their early to mid-20s will probably not require treatment to reverse the signs of aging.

During these years your body has not yet begun to “age” and your skin is still producing new, strong, elastic collagen.

However, collagen breakdown tends to begin in our late 20s, so undergoing a HIFU treatment in your late 20s can help you to delay the effects of ageing for as long as possible,

People in their 30s

It’s during your 30’s when you are likely to start to see small effects of ageing on their skin. 

If you’re experiencing mild to moderate skin sagging, loss of elasticity, or fine lines and wrinkles, your 30s are the ideal time to undergo treatment to delay the signs of ageing.

People in their 40s

Those aged 40 to 50 are in the most common age group to undergo HIFU treatments.

Much like your 30s, your skin will continue to lose collagen. This leads to noticeable signs of ageing, which typically become increasingly pronounced during this decade of your life.

HIFU is the perfect solution to effectively address your concerns and help rejuvenate, revitalize, tighten and lift your loose, sagging skin.

People in their 50s

<>A significant amount of skin laxity, deep wrinkles, creases or fissures is generally seen in your 50s or beyond. HIFU is able to create skin tightening without undergoing surgery.

People in their 60s and beyond

Depending on the degree of laxity HIFU is also suitable for older ages. Clients in their 60s and beyond may require several treatments to see the best results.

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