Health benefits of B12 injections

While wrinkle smoothing and dermal fillers may be some of the most notorious aesthetic procedures, B12 shots or infections are rapidly growing in popularity. But what is B12 and why should you consider B12 shots?

What is B12?

B12 is the name given to one of the 8 different types of B vitamin. This is also known as cobalamin, and it plays an important role in the body as a cofactor in DNA synthesis and for the healthy production of red blood cells. While this vitamin is absolutely crucial, it is not something that the body can produce itself. Instead this vitamin is usually absorbed as part of a healthy and balanced diet, with B12 being found in meat and eggs as well as fortified cereals, fish and cheese. A vitamin B12 deficiency is usually diagnosed by a doctor or medical professional through a couple of different blood tests, and will usually result in B12 injections provided by the NHS. However, even people with a standard level of B12 can benefit from B12 shots on a regular or one off basis, because there a wide range of health advantages associated with this one vitamin.

What are the biggest health benefits of B12 injections?

There are a wide range of health benefits and advantages to using B12 injections or shots and these include:

  • Increasing energy levels and concentration- B12 is a vitamin that is essential for the production of healthy red blood cells, which as we know, are responsible for transporting oxygen around the body. As a result, a shortage of B12 in the body can have a negative impact on red blood cell production, limiting the amount of new cells produced and reducing the amount of energy available to your cells. This can leave you feeling tired and lethargic, and can even make it difficult to concentrate. As such, having B12 shots on a regular basis can help give your body a boost of this essential vitamin, raising your energy levels and helping you feel more focused.
  • Boosting the immune system- It’s not just red blood cell production that can be hindered by a lack of B12, as this also has a negative impact on the production of white blood cells too. White blood cells are essential for fighting infection and disease, and for keeping your body healthy. By opting for B12 shots you can help to give your white blood cells a boost, improving your immune system and keeping your body in good working order. This can be a good way to reduce the amount of colds and viruses you suffer from in the winter months too.
  • Improving sleep patterns- Getting enough sleep is vital for healthy habits and a healthy brain, but while you may be getting 8 hours a night, it’s the restful quality of the sleep that is most important. Tryptophan is an amino acid that the body produces naturally, and this is vital for helping the body to feel drowsy and fall asleep at night. As you might have guessed, B12 is crucial for the Tryptophan production process, and so boosting your B12 levels with an injection or shot can help to ensure that you get a better night of restful sleep.

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