What are the advantages of fat freezing?

Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Treatment

Fat freezing is a popular treatment option that can have a significant impact on small areas of stubborn fat around the body. But what does this treatment process involve? And what are the benefits of this?

What is fat freezing treatment?

Fat freezing is a safe and effective treatment option that involves using a vacuum style machine to target fat cells in a specific localised area. The applicator is then used to cool the fat cells which will experience damage at a higher temperature than skin cells. As a result, the fat cells can be destroyed without causing harm to the surrounding skin tissue. 

What are the advantages of fat freezing treatment?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing a fat freezing treatment to target localised areas of stubborn fat that may be difficult to specifically target with diet or exercise. The advantages of this treatment include:

  • Achieving natural looking results 
  • Low risk and minimal downtime 
  • Long lasting results

Achieving natural looking results with fat freezing treatment 

Fat freezing is a treatment option that can remove body fat without surgery and this means that the results are much more natural. Not only does fat freezing remove pockets of fat from different areas gradually, with the fat cells being destroyed and removed by the body over time, but this treatment also is non-invasive and leaves no scars.

Fat freezing is low risk and requires minimal downtime

Fat freezing is an aesthetic treatment option that can remove fat cells from the body with minimal risk. Because the process is non-invasive there is much less risk when compared to surgery, and no recovery time is necessary. The treatment may cause a small amount of redness and swelling but this will not have an impact on your daily activities and there will only be minimal discomfort at most.

You can achieve long lasting results with fat freezing 

One of the biggest benefits of fat freezing is the long lasting results you can achieve. Once fat cells have been destroyed and removed by the body they will not return which means that your stubborn pockets of fat will be permanently destroyed. However, without the proper diet and exercise more fat cells can be created, although this is more likely to be spread evenly, instead of in just one area.

What are the side effects of fat freezing treatments?

As with any aesthetic treatment there are some potential side effects associated with fat freezing. These include redness, tingling, firmness, tenderness, and occasionally bruising. However, these side effects will not impact your daily life.

Which areas are suitable for fat freezing treatment?

Several areas around the body can be targeted and treated successfully with fat dissolving injections. These areas include the thighs, lower back, upper arms, neck, knees, and stomach or abdomen. In fact, in some cases, several areas can be targeted at once, allowing for an efficient treatment schedule.

Why should you choose Aesthetics Julie Edwards for professional fat freezing?

Here at Aesthetics Julie Edwards we have the expertise and experience to deliver a wide range of professional aesthetic treatments including dermal fillers, chemical peels and of course fat freezing. We can guarantee stunning results and professional treatment when you choose our team for fat freezing. For more information or advice, or to make a booking, get in touch with the team today!