Wrinkle-Forming Habits To Avoid

Wrinkle Forming Habits to Avoid

As you age, there are some wrinkle forming habits to avoid … if you want your skin to remain youthful looking.

Once wrinkles have formed there are several ways to reduce or remove them such as Wrinkle Smoothing Treatments or the Non-Surgical Facelift or, more dramatically, surgery.

Yet, there are some ways to help yourself to minimise  wrinkles and stay looking youthful for longer:

Smoking – No 1 Wrinkle Forming Habit To Avoid

As well as being generally unhealthy, smoking dries out your skin and ages your face quickly.  If you must smoke, take regular does of Vitamin C, to help counteract the damaging effects of cigarettes.


A major cause of a wrinkled forehead and lines between the brows.  Smile more.  Not only will you look better, you’ll feel happier.

Dehydration of the skin

Always use a good moisturiser morning and evening to give moisture to the skin from the outside.  Plus drink 2 litres of clean water a day to hydrate you skin from the inside.


Socialising and social drinking is an important part of our lives.  But alcohol does dry out the skin, which can lead to more wrinkles.  Make sure you re-hydrate your body with lots of water after you’ve overdone the alcohol.  Don’t miss out on the fun though!

Sun exposure

Always wear SPF 50 to protect you skin from the sun to reduce wrinkle formation.

Sleeping on your side

Try and sleep on your back as sleeping on your side wrinkles your skin as it is squashed against the pillow.

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